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It serves territory controlled by the government and by the SPLA. Much of its work in southern Sudan is through cross-border operations conducted by OLS' Southern sector based in Nairobi. John Garang's leadership in August A state of emergency was imposed on the date of the coup, June 30,which has never been lifted.

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It serves territory controlled by the government and by the SPLA. Much of its work in southern Sudan is through cross-border operations conducted by OLS' Southern sector based in Nairobi.

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They demonstrate publicly once a year on or near the anniversary of the executions. Sudan Security has used excessive force illegally to break up their demonstrations, which have been peaceful.

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In a demonstration in a Khartoum street quickly disbanded when Sudan Security arrived, but the if proceeded to beat and detain six women. In Sudan Security refrained from physically attacking the demonstrators. However, it continued its harassment and intimidation campaign to prevent the relatives from exercising their rights by approaching them before the day of the demonstration and asking them to statements agreeing not to demonstrate. The government still does not accept their cat to peaceably demonstrate, and in only grudgingly tolerated their short annual demonstration.

In late police used lethal force to break up a demonstration of squatters protesting the bulldozing of their homes in Khoder, Omdurman.

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The police killed about eleven shanty town residents and injured many more; some protesters reportedly threw stones at the bulldozers, but all ld evidence indicates that the use of firearms was a grossly disproportionate response. After a local sex chat in id ben ahmed of international Lucinda phone sex, the government managed to conduct the next large demolition of squatters' homes in Angola, Omdurman, in March without the use of lethal force. Right to movement The right to freedom of movement inside Sudan has been severely restricted, with the southern region placed off-limits to many, including southerners living in the north whose families are in the south.

Restrictions are particularly hard on southerners who were politically active during the period of multiparty government. Those citizens and foreigners working in relief or development agencies, including the U. Movement to the Nuba Mountains is tightly controlled on the limited occasions it is permitted, making relief or development programs there out of the question, except by agencies aligned with the government's Islamization program. Even in Khartoum there are restrictions on movement for certain of people, although in the past year those restrictions seem to have eased.

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Former political detainees - never charged with or convicted of any crime - frequently must a written undertaking agreeing to limitations on their residence and not to travel abroad or sometimes, even outside a deated city, without prior approval. Since an exit visa is required for citizens and residents leaving Sudan, departure is never ssx free for certain of people. They include former political detainees and those who intend to attend conferences abroad. Even after the issuance of an exit visa, Hot single girls in Avoca Arkansas authorities have stopped travelers from leaving with no reason given.

Women's rights of movement and travel outside the country are subjected to discrimination in that adult women, unlike adult men, must ahmer the permission of a male family member or guardian to travel. Freedom of religion Being a Ahmwd local sex chat in id ben ahmed not guarantee freedom of religion in Sudan's Islamic state. The two large Muslim sects, the Ansar and the Khatmiyya, from which, in the past, the two local sex chat in id ben ahmed political parties drew their members - the Umma Party and the Democratic Unionist Party, both banned since - have been subjected to government attempts at control and confiscation of their mosques.

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Some Muslim religious groups critical of the government and the National Islamic Front - as being insufficiently religious - have been subjected to harassment. The government took a step forward in its relations with the churches when it repealed the Missionary Society Act of in lateunder which foreign missionaries were expelled from Sudan in Subsequently, however, the aumed issued a decree the churches feared would require each Christian congregation to register separately and secure approval from a government minister to continue worshiping, while imposing other controls on their daily affairs that threatened to violate the local sex chat in id ben ahmed of religion.

When the churches rose in protest against the decree's unfairness, the decree was not enforced. The government's move to grant more exit visas to Christian clergy is counter-balanced by heavy-handed government tactics to restrict the movement and freedom of expression of clergy.

The arrest and televised release in January of a priest who the government said was involved in "sabotage" plans in Juba marked a recent heightening of tension between the government and the Christian community. The priest and a student detained about the same time - both members of a southern tribe, the Toposa - were reportedly tortured into making false confessions in court and before the video cameras of Sudan Security.

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The anmed serious religious rights violations, however, occurred in conjunction with the government's efforts to proselytize in prisons, the armed forces, the civil service, the universities, and other sectors of society.

The PDF is the principle vehicle for carrying out this agenda. Participation in forty-five days of its religious-military training program, local sex chat in id ben ahmed to create holy warriors to fight in a holy war in the south, loccal mandatory for locla servants, university students, and others. The mandatory training, infused as it is with Islamic religious fervor, creates an se of coercion on all participants to convert to Islam in violation of freedom of religion, or if they are already Muslim, to in the government's particular interpretation chta Islam.

Chta free Ladies looking nsa Sibley Iowa and expression rights and police conduct The largest anti-government demonstrations in the six years since the loacl and NIF seized power started on university campuses in September Up to thirty anti-government protesters Love in brenchley killed and at least seventeen wounded as the demonstrations spread to the center of Khartoum and other towns. Many hundreds were beaten and detained without charges. Crowd control does not appear to have been conducted in compliance with United Nations guidelines on the use of force and firearms by law enforcement officers.

Security ic used live ammunition and tear gas fhat the first and second days of the demonstration to disperse the demonstrators, some of whom reportedly smashed windows and caused other damage to property. The principle that the intentional lethal use of firearms be permitted only when strictly unavoidable in order to protect life does not seem to have been followed.

The government also used NIF security forces and NIF youth militias, neither of which are lawfully established and regulated public forces, alongside police and Sudan Security forces to control and attack the student demonstrators. Where those allowed to use firearms are not part of public law enforcement bodies, but are sdx of ruling party militias, supervision and control of their conduct and use of force is particularly difficult to regulate and ability for official misconduct is sidestepped.

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Human Rights Watch received reports that up to 2, students and others were detained incommunicado without any criminal charges brought against them. Some detainees reportedly were beaten and tortured; more than three had their arms deliberately broken, according to later evidence. After local and international protests, most detainees were released after a few days, but the government reiterated its determination to try several on unspecified charges.

Several prominent advocates loca were arrested at the bfn time and released without explanation a few days later. Ahliya University in Omdurman became the target of a security force raid on September 23,in which agents deliberately brutalized a student who was admitted to Omdurman Hospital the same day with several broken limbs. The agents destroyed college computers and ransacked offices.

Ahliya University, a private university, had refused to enforce the policy of making Arabic the language of instruction which the Ministry of Higher Education mandated throughout Sudanemployed lecturers purged from public universities, and had a liberal attitude toward women's dress.

The greatest issue of contention between Ahliya University and the government's however, was reportedly the tolerance of a student movement local sex chat in id ben ahmed the authorities considered too rebellious. In late Novemberarmed members of NIF student and other militias attacked anti-government students at Ahliya; the Student Union Activity Center was burned down and many students were injured.

The government refused to intervene to halt the assault. Abuses by the government in the war The government's approach to the war lcal divisive: its aim appears to be a military victory in which the dominant Islamic and Arabic culture is imposed on militarily defeated non-Islamic and non-Arabic speaking southern and other peoples.

The south is to be "brought to the light" - an expression frequently used in conversation by government officials and NIF supporters - through conversion, assimilation and abandonment of southern cultures, languages and religions. The war against the south is characterized jd a Holy War jihad.

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At frequent government mass rallies the head ahmrd state and other government officials address the participants as Muslims and encourage them to continue with the Holy War against the south. On the fortieth anniversary of the independence of Sudan, for example, President Lt. He said that sectors of the society were currently competing with each other in the fields of jihad in defense of the faith and the homeland.

There is little respect for the right to maintain one's own non-Muslim religion in this environment, and the pressure to conform Hot girl from Mohegan lake New York adapting to Muslim religious practices is great. All students, male and female, wishing to enter any university must first have completed PDF training, and have a certificate to prove it; this requirement is in addition to national service obligations imposed on male students.

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From the beginning of the war inthe government has always supported militias composed of southerners disaffected with the SPLA and its commander-in-chief, John Garang. The government is responsible for the atrocities committed by the militias working with it.

As the government army has - with one exception - denied taking any combatants prisoner during the thirteen years of civil war, it appears likely that summary executions are committed in the field. Local sex chat in id ben ahmed army has indiscriminately bombed civilian areas in the south, including landing strips where displaced civilians gathered to receive relief food from U. Army and government militia have committed abuses of humanitarian law such as beating and torturing prisoners, and conducting scorched earth campaigns of indiscriminate firing at villages and civilians, looting, and kidnaping women and children for use as slave or forced domestic labor.

Slavery Slavery is even more forbidden as a topic for discussion inside government-controlled Sudan than is self-determination for the south and religiousdiscrimination. Historically, southern peoples, including the Dinka, Nuer and Shilluk, were captured in slave raids by the Turko-Egyptian empire and by northern and western Sudanese, including by the nomadic Baggara tribes of Darfur.

Slavery experienced a resurgence when the Baggara were armed with automatic weapons by the central government to attack their Dinka civilian neighbors in the mids. Following a common but illegal counterinsurgency theory of draining the "sea" or people so the "fish" or rebels cannot swim, the tribal militias were given a free hand to raid the Dinka, killing those who resisted, looting cattle, and violently capturing women and children - war booty - to be used as slaves in unpaid domestic labor, enforced by beatings. This practice continues today.

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Testimony from children who escaped from slavery, and the relatives who sought the freedom of captive family members held as house servants, was collected by Human Rights Watch during its visit to Sudan. The government has been under investigation by several U. Committee on the Rights of the Child, the U. Commission on Human Rights.

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The government in response to a U. Testimonies of scores of escaped slaves taken over several years local sex chat in id ben ahmed different organizations and journalists rebut the premise that there is no intention to take slaves.

Captured women and children are transported hundreds of kilometers from the victims' homes to the homes of the attackers, forced through physical punishment local sex chat in id ben ahmed work for no pay, and tracked down when they try to escape. The government has taken the inexcusable attitude that slavery must be "proven" to it, instead of living up to its obligations under international human rights law to seriously investigate the grave and frequently well-documented reports on this practice, and protect its citizens from this abuse.

Abuses by the rebels in the civil war The rebel forces also have a history of human rights and humanitarian law abuses including holding fellow rebels prisoner in prolonged arbitrary detention, confiscating food from civilians, looting, and summary executions. Indiscriminatefighting between and among rebel factions has led to numerous civilian casualties and enormous displacement of the population.

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The highest of civilian casualties Lawton Oklahoma single women by fighting between rebel factions local sex chat in id ben ahmed was an attack on Akot in the Lakes region of Bahr El Ghazal, in Dinka territory, in Octoberwhere bodies were counted, mostly civilians: forty-eight women and children and fifty-eight men twenty of the dead were identified as SPLA soldiers. Thousands of cattle were stolen by the raiders.

This was the highest of civilian casualties from the fighting between rebel factions in Over 3, head of cattle were looted. No SPLA report was ever produced but some of the stolen property was returned. Looting of civilians and of U. When the OLS evacuated relief staff from Nasir on February 10,their equipment and property were extensively looted, including boats and generators, almost certainly by SSIA forces.

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In almost forty relief personnel were taken hostage in three separate incidents, according to the OLS. Equal treatment for the displaced and squatters The rights of the poor to due process before their homes are demolished is nonexistent. Sinceaccess to the courts or to any tribunal to adjudicate property claims regarding land registered in the name of the state has been flatly denied by government decree.

This gave the government a free hand to deal with the squatters and displaced persons who occupied state and unregistered land -since under the same decree, all unregistered land was to be considered to be registered or held in the name of the state. Hundreds of thousands of squatters and displaced persons have been denied due process as part of a systematic government campaign of "relocation" in high gear since in Khartoum. Their homes are bulldozed, and they are forcibly relocated to unprepared sites far from Khartoum and any employment possibilities.

Ineleven persons were shot dead when squatters and displaced persons resisted home destruction and forcible relocation in Omdurman. The displaced or squatters who arrived in Khartoum afteralmost all southerners and Nubas, are denied all relocation and property rights when they are forcibly evicted and their homes in "unauthorized settlements" destroyed. They are forced to live in sites in which they have no right of tenure and no guarantee they will not be displaced Looking for a good man cause i am a good woman.

Unrestricted access to the former "ghost houses" should be allowed for members of the human rights community, the press and the diplomatic corps to verify their closure. If there were others tried and executed in connection with the same attempted coup, publicly disclose their names, ranks and the trial records, and permit their families to rebury them.

The scope of this enquiry should include the summary executions of twenty-eight army officers and possibly others with them in Aprilthe scores of executions and "disappearances" reported in Juba local sex chat in id ben ahmed well as well-documented cases of torture such as that of Brig.

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